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Shelti Eye 2 (Cougar Eye 2)

SKU: 582

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TRU-SCORE for absolute scoring accuracy
Dimensions: H 86″, W 24″, D 24.5″
Weight (lbs): 205
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Shelti



The Shelti Eye 2 Coin Model was developed to provide an affordable and quality product that is a perfect fit in any bar/tavern/pub or restaurant. Gain side income on top of your main attractions, appealing to league dart players and casuals alike!

The Shelti Eye 2 Dartboard has served as the industry standard for both playability and reliability over the years. The “Fold-In-Half” hinged-cabinet design makes the game easy to set up, break down and transport. The target and electronics are service-accessible from the front of the game and the brilliant graphics, bright LED number displays and striking diamond plate front compliment the new player-change button.

Shelti Eye 2 dartboard folded
Overhead Scoring and dot matrix display area provides player instruction before and during game play & improves the communication of player feats after.

Shelti Eye 2 Overhead display

NOTE: There may be limitations on where commercial models can be sold to, as dictated by Shelti and their operator network. Please contact us to see if sales on this model are allowed in your area.

Shelti’s Eye 2 Coin Model Features:

– A tavern quality dartboard that is the “workhorse” of the business

– Vinyl covered plywood cabinet

– Tried and True T60/30 target technology. Interchangeable with optional 4-color and international size targets.

– TRU-SCORE for absolute scoring accuracy

– Phone-Style Keypad and 3-button backlit LCD Menu Operation to select games as well as handle setup

– Highly visible overhead scoring with bright LED number displays & a dot matrix display(pictured above); tilted 8 degrees forward for easy viewing

– “Fold-In-Half” hinged design makes for easy transport (pictured above)

– Storage access door on the front of the unit to store darts, tips and accessories

– Includes player favorite game varieties including: Classic English Pub games (01, 301, 501, 701, 901 & 1001), Cricket, High Score, Wipe Out, You Pick It, Cut Throat, Rapid Fire and more. Click here to read more about how to play darts.

– Auto And Manual Player change options. Program the game to switch between players or use the manual Player Change button on the console

– Includes: 6 darts; 100 Tips; Stability Kit; Throw Line

– Ships with a standard 2-slot coin door; DBA ready

– Also available as a non-coin home model

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