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Sega Showdown (Standard)


Demolition Derby plus three other race modes? What’s not to love?
Installed Dimensions:
1 player: D 71” W 51” H 81”
2 player: D 71″, W 102″, H 81″
Weight (lbs): 543 lbs / 1086
Shipping Dimensions (1 unit): H:89″ W: 51″ D: 73″
Electrical: 115V @ 2A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Sega Amusements



(Two units pictured; Listed price is for one unit)

Showdown is unique among racing games on the modern arcade market as it focuses on more than just racing – it is like having FOUR racing games in one with a strong focus on the demolition derby!

Based on the popular DiRT: Showdown by Codemasters (released for various modern game consoles), Showdown features various options as well as cutting edge graphics that will keep your customers coming back for more. As mentioned, there are four game modes built right into the game:

  1. Race-Off – A full-contact race to the finish line where the winner will leave a trail of destruction and wreckage in their wake.
  2. Demolition – The rule book goes out the window – smash, bash and crush your way through a take-no-prisoners, last-person-standing, battle-royale of racing attrition!
  3. Knockout – What happens when you hold a demolition derby on a platform 40 feet off the ground with no fences to keep you from being pushed off the edge? Pure anarchy, that’s what!
  4. Crossroads – Throw a bunch of high-speed instruments-of-annihilation onto a wide open figure 8 track and you know what you get? T-Bones, and we’re not talking prime aged beef….

There is also a selectable “Tour” which allows a single player to race against 7 AI opponents over 3 of the Challenge events.

The game also features “Wreckage Radio” with adrenaline-pumping music that the player can change at the push of a button.

Check out Showdown Standard in action from IAAPA 2014

Another unique feature that is a part of Showdown are the Bonus Codes. After each race, players are shown these codes on the screen that will remain there for 10 seconds. They can write them down or take a picture, whatever works best. They can then use those codes by using the keypad on the control panel to unlock new items, cars and tracks! Bonus Codes are automatically applied to the next game if the player chooses to continue. This is an excellent feature that drives repeat play.

Sega Amusements’ Showdown Standard Features:

– Unique arcade variation of Codemaster’s DiRT: Showdown which was released to consoles (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, etc)

– Modern graphics displayed on a 42″ LCD HD screen

– Four game modes is like having five racing games in one package

– Large roster of vehicles to race with (different modes feature different cars)

– Integrated keypad allows the players to input bonus Codes to unlock cars, tracks and more!

– View change button allows for a dashboard view or a behind-the-vehicle view

– “Wreckage Radio”  – pick a great song to listen to at the press of a button

– Linkable up to 4 players

– Share your best times on social media by scanning in the QR codes which are displayed at the end of a race!

– Ships with a standard coin door and mechanisms; card swipe ready

– A plethora of options lets the operator have detailed control over how they want the game to work

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