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Pong 180 Deluxe


SKU: 851

No Longer Available; Not Available, Not in production

1 or 2 Player Virtual Beer Pong Game
Installed Dimensions: Height: 78″, Width: 34″, Length: 124″ Weight: 675lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Height: 84″, Width: 44″, Length: 132″ Weight: 750lbs.
Electrical: 120V @ 15A (peak)
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 year limited (Click Here For Warranty Details)
Manufacturer: Toccata Gaming



When Toccata’s PONG 180 Beer Pong Arcade Game hit the scene, it started a little revolution in the arcade business, spawning similar games over the next few years. If you want the original, this is it!

PONG 180 Deluxe is perfect for bars, pubs, restaurants discos, nightclubs, social clubs, colleges, rec rooms and similar ‘eatertainment’ venues. With support for 1-4 players (including a mode for team play), PONG 180 offers a unique twist on on the classic college game. Take the ping pong balls and either bounce them off of the marked target area or just aim and throw to attempt to fill each cup. There are 10 rounds of play per game with 2 balls per round per player; the game tracks which cups each player landed into. To reload the balls between each turn, the table will flip 180 degrees and present another arrangement of cups facing towards the other player. Each side also has a 32″ monitor integrated into the table platform to present scoring information and animations.

What Makes Pong 180 Deluxe Special?

– The original arcade ‘beer pong’ style game

– Head-to-head table design to incentivize competitive play

– Large acrylic shields to prevent balls from falling out of the game

– Supports 1-4 players including 2-on-2 team play

– Patent Pending Rotating Cup platform

– Two 32″ monitors

– Automatic ball reloading system

– Side access doors and many operator options

– Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA) Included; Coin Door is available for an extra cost; Card swipe ready

– Ticket Dispenser or ICT ticket receipt printer available for an additional cost

Check out Pong 180 Deluxe in action here:

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