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Pharaoh's Revenge

SKU: 441

Coin Pushing With An Ancient Egypt Theme For Four Players
Installed Dimensions: H 82″, W 47″, D 47″ Weight: 650 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 220V @ 250W~350W
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Family Fun Companies




Explore the mysterious and ancient world of the Pharaohs in this excellent multiplayer coin pusher game by Family Fun Companies, Pharaoh’s Revenge. This is a ‘sequel’ of sorts to Pharaoh’s Treasure, with a couple of improvements.

As before, players must time his or her coin to fall into one of the 3 wheel cups. These cups make the wheel in the back move thereby earning extra tickets. Coins that fall into the left or right cups move the wheel in that direction one space. The number the wheel lands on at the top are the extra tickets won. When the player gets their coin into the center cup, the wheel spins and stops randomly on a number, and then this number becomes the amount of tickets they win. Get coins past the BONUS line and win a larger amount!

This Revenge model features two coin slots at the top of the game instead of one and some changes to how the Pharaoh’s Tomb bonus line operates. Otherwise it is the same game with awesome earnings potential!

Family Fun Companies’ Pharaoh’s Revenge Features:

– Follow-up to the popular Pharaoh’s Treasure coin pusher

– Improvements in coin acceptance and bonus ticket play

– Eye-catching red cabinet sporting artwork of ancient Egyptian scupltures, active fake fire ‘torches’ and LED back-lit hieroglyphs. Slightly larger than the Pharaoh’s Treasure cabinet.

– Four player stations to maximize earnings potential for the space

– Two red numerical LED displays above the wheel area shows the current amount of tickets won and potential bonus

– Interactive wheel feature – move the wheel to higher values using timed coin drops

– Standard moving pusher bed

– BONUS line with decorated Egyptian sarcophagus

– Easy-to-access electronics

– Ships with two standard coin slots per station (8 total)


Check out Pharaoh’s Revenge in action:


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