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Panini Card Drop


No Longer Available; Not Available, Not in production

Play A Game Of Skill To Win Collectible Football Trading Cards
Installed Dimensions: H: 93″ W:30″ D:39.5 Weight: 375lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: ICE (Innovative Concepts in Entertainment)




Collecting cards at the arcade has never been more popular than it is now – Capitalize on the excitement with the Panini Card Drop by ICE.

The game is simple, designed after similar wheel-based redemption games. By pulling on the handle, it sets the wheel in motion – the harder the pull, the faster the spin – then depending upon the prize zone the pointer is stopped on will reward the player with the pertinent prize.

There are two models available – the FEC version and the Street version. The main difference between the two is that the FEC model has zones for rewarding tickets, while the Street model only will vend cards. Also on the Street model, the zones that would normally reward tickets will suggest that the player credit up and spin again.

Both models vend either STANDARD or PREMIUM cards. These cards will be placed within the wheel to entice players to go for them, Premium cards being harder to win and of course are rarer. The game comes with two separate card dispensers to ensure proper vending.

ICE’s Panini Card Drop Features:

– A fun and unique way to reward players at your location

– Many different brands of collectible cards are available

– Skill-based handle pulling play

– Attractive cabinet design with high contrast yellow/black art and bright LED lighting

– Display current card sets in the marquee

– Two card dispensers for Standard & Premium card sets

– Small video display attached to the control panel for promoting the game and the cards

– Digital music

– Simple wheel spinning mechanism, easy to maintain

– FEC MODEL ONLY – Ticket dispenser for non-card wins

– Coin or card swipe compatible

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