• Monkey Bizz-Ness Capsule Vendor Arcade Game

Monkey Bizz-Ness Capsule Vendor


Maximize Your Business Space With This Small Prize Vending Machine
Installed Dimensions: H: 59.5″ W: 22.5″ D: 22.5″
Shipping Dimensions: 33x33x72, 200lbs.
Electrical: 110V (220V available)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Coast To Coast Entertainment

Are you looking to maximize the earnings potential of your space without spending a lot of money? Then the Monkey Bizz-Ness vending machine by Coast-To-Coast Entertainment is for you!

This compact machine with a family friendly theme is perfect for restaurants, arcades, grocery stores, toy stores, malls and anywhere else that you have good foot traffic and a little bit of free space to monetize. A large plush monkey sits atop the cradle of egg capsules, round capsules or Superballs that you put inside of the machine. When credits are inserted for a vend, the monkey spins around while a fun jungle theme song plays; the capsule is then available in the prize bin on the lower left. With a 500 egg capacity, this is a great way to vend small toys or prizes to kids!

Check out Monkey Bizz-Ness in action as seen at IAAPA 2016

That’s not all! Combined with the Sidebox /Prize Locker also by Coast-to-Coast, you can watch your earnings skyrocket! The sidebox allows you to insert five of the keys that come with the Sidebox inside the eggs that are placed within the Monkey-Bizzness machine. This makes the game a little more interactive and players will be thrilled as they play for the chance to win.

Coast To Coast’s Monkey Bizz-Ness Features:

– The fun and colorful jungle theme makes this stand out among traditionally ‘boring’ vending machines

– Large monkey plush toy inside makes each vend an attraction (this toy does not vend)

– Theme music plays while the machine vends

– Three-point locking system for high security

– 500 capsule capacity

– Compatible with plastic egg capsules, round capsules and 45mm ‘Superballs’

– Combine with a Sidebox for super earnings!

– Includes two coin mechanisms; Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA) or card swipe ready

– OPTION: Ask about getting prize-filled eggs sent with the machine (additional cost). Licensed capsule package are also available.


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