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MMA Boxer



Punch Or Kick The Targets When They Are Green
Installed Dimensions: TBA
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: IGPM Group / Kalkomat



Are you skilled enough to hit fast but know when not to hit? MMA Boxer by IGPM Group puts that skill to the test!

MMA Boxer is the evolution of Kalkomat’s novelty arcade game, Hit The Green, which in itself was an evolution of the boxer arcade machine. Players insert their money then after pushing start, punch or kick targets that are currently lit green. A correct hit adds a point to their score, while hitting a red target will subtract a point! Get as many points as you can before the timer runs out, either to compete with your friends or to win tickets (the latter being optional).

MMA Boxer ditches the red numerical LED counters and replaces it with a an LED matrix screen. This shows more information than what counters can, and it also works as a dynamic marquee display. While players go at it, various GIFs and memes play that show characters punching and slapping, giving the game a little more character and humor.

Here is MMA Boxer as seen at IAAPA 2023 from our friends at Arcade Heroes. Check it out! 


– Unique MMA fighter-style game

–  Large RGB LED Matrix marquee that functions as a scoreboard

– Small footprint makes it work just about anywhere!

– Easy to understand gameplay – simply hit the green targets, avoid the red ones

– Bright LEDs light up a ring around each target for green or red

– Four padded drum targets for punching; a single padded target at the base for kicks/knee strikes

– Red numerical LED displays show timer, current score, and top score

– Great for locations like bars, gyms, softplay centers, trampoline parks

– Available in FAMILY or FIGHT graphics

– Spots for a coin and/or DBA; Card swipe ready

Available Options

– Ticket Dispenser

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