• Magic Ball redemption arcade game

Magic Ball


A Magical Way To Win Tickets
Installed Dimensions: H: 88.5″ W: 47″ D: 47″ Weight: 661 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Benchmark Games

What’s in store with Benchmark Games‘ Magic Ball? Great fun & great earnings!

Magic Ball takes Benchmark’s  tried-and-true formula of timing a ball drop onto the spinning wheel below to win tickets, and amps it up by turning it into a multiplayer experience! Designed as an ‘island’ game (prime placement is out in the open by itself, not against a wall or banked with other games), each side of the unit features a player control.

The goal of this fast-paced game is straight-forward. All any player has to do is credit up any side of the game, then drop their ball by pushing the large, colorful button. The ball will be released, and may land directly into a valued target hole, or bounce off of the wheel until it lands into one of the holes. You’ll win the tickets listed on the hole – it’s just that easy and fun!

Each player side also has their own bonus jackpot of tickets that they can win. If the ball bounces into the center hole marked ‘Magic Bonus,’ you win (and it will drive any other players in the vicinity crazy)!

Benchmark Games’ Magic Ball Features:

– Part of the “ball drop” family of successful redemption games, which includes Monster Drop, Fireball and many others

– Fast-paced multiplayer excitement with 4 player stations in one cabinet

– Brilliantly attractive game cabinet powered by RGB LED lights.

– A mesmerizing plasma globe is mounted above the playfield

– Single button gameplay makes it easy for everyone to enjoy

– Spinning wheel mechanism is always running as long as the game is on

– Winner every time – each hole on the playfield has a ticket value!

– “Magic Bonus” jackpot feature with red numerical LED panels on each side to show current value

– 1 ticket dispenser included per side (total of 4). E-Ticket ready

– 1 coin mech per side (total of 4); swipe card ready.

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