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Kiki Arcade – Games For Kids


A Whole Line-up Of Gaming Just For Kids!
Installed DImensions: Varies, see down the page
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V/220V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Replay

Most arcade machines are built for teenagers and adults. So what about the youngest part of the populace? Enter in the Kiki Arcade series by Replay.

Want to see these games in person? Find them at Elev8 Fun – Sanford in the Arcade!

Kiki Arcade machines have been designed for children ages 3-6 so that they can have gaming fun without having to stand on a chair or be held by an adult. Each cabinet is half the size of a normal upright arcade machine, and the games are also made with a child’s skill level in mind. These units are also versatile, capable of supporting a number of unique games that Replay has made specifically for this class. Games are available for amusement only play; ticket redemption play; ball capsule redemption or free play/no prizes. These, along with artwork customization options, makes these excellent pieces for more than just an arcade – indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, kid-centric sports arenas – any interior place where children go to have fun!

Kiki Wall in practice

Available games include:

Poppalú – A plunger constantly moves side to side, while four targets move back and forth with changing values. While the timer counts down, you want to capture as many high point targets as you can by firing the plunger with the button, then reeling it in with the fishing rod style controller. A bonus wheel at the back also has the highest value targets – as well as risky bombs!

Goal Goal – A goalie kicker game where the three strikers are setup to do a pentaly kick, while the goalie will move from side-to-side. Time the shot of each striker by pushing their corresponding button; score as many goals as you can before the timer runs out!

Kiki Soccer – A “baby soccer” miniature foosball table. Like an adult sized foosball table, just smaller, more compact and with only two rods per play. The rods are telescopic, which keeps a rod from poking out on the other side. Can be coin-operated. Click on the image below for a full view

Kiki Soccer foosball table for kids by Replay

Kiki Wall – With most kids growing up with touchscreen devices in their home, many have never seen a joystick before, and instinctively will expect any screen to work with their fingers. Enter in the Kiki Wall, a touchscreen game with the design and game selection that appeals just to children! 25 games are included in the package, ranging from drawing & art programs, puzzle games, sports games and more! Click here for a list of games that includes a brief description & screenshot.

Kiki Wall touchscreen multigame for kids by Replay

Kiki Arcade – Features a large selection of arcade gaming classics via the Pandora’s Box platform.

Check out the Kiki Arcade line-up as seen at IAAPA Expo 2019. Video available in 4K UHD (it was shot in 4K, not faked!); subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up-to-date with the latest product videos!

Replay’s Kiki Arcade Line-up Features:

– Games made in small cabinets that kids don’t need a stool to reach and enjoy

– Games tailored specifically for a child’s interest and skill level

– RGB LED lighting keeps the games looking attractive and vibrant

– Available as Free Play or Coin-op Play; Can be set for amusement only, Ticket Redemption or Ball Capsule Rewards

– Artwork can be customized for your location

– 22″ HD displays are standard among the game cabinets, a perfect size for what a child needs

– Multiple games available on the Kiki Wall and Kiki Arcade units

Additional Data For Kiki Arcade Units:

Kiki Wall Installed Dimensions: H: 45″ W: 32″ D: 15″ Weight: 66 lbs.

Kiki Arcade Installed Dimensions: H: 53.5″ W: 22.4″ D: 26″ Weight: 88 lbs.

Kiki Soccer Installed Dimensions: H: 32″ W: 33.5″ D: 24″ Weight: 99 lbs.

Click on the JPG files below for a larger view and more information on these particular units.

Kiki Soccer Kids Foosball Tablekikiarcade_flyer Kiki Wall by Replay

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