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KidSim Simulator


A Virtual Roller Coaster Product Made For Kids
Installed Dimensions: H: 68″ W: 45″ D: 67″ Weight: Call
Shipping Dimensions: Please call
Electrical: 120V @ 600W (220/230V available)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Falgas



Not all simulators need to be grown-up experiences – enter the KidSim simulator by Falgas.

KidSim offers a virtual roller coaster experience for children, featuring 4 films produced by Triotech (makers of popular virtual rides like the Typhoon). The unit operates on top of an electric motor base and offers two comfortable seats along with seat belts to keep riders safe as they enjoy the overall experience. The KidSim also includes two HD displays: a 32″ monitor for the riders and an exterior 17″ monitor for parents and waiting riders to watch. With a compact footprint, this also offers high revenue potential without taking up a lot of space!

Falgas’ KidSim Ride Features:

– Roller Coaster simulator with a compact footprint designed for kids

– Sharp, futuristic looking cabinet with multi-color translucent LED lighting fixtures for an attraction effect

– Four films to choose from, produced by motion ride experts Triotech

– Electric motor base creates realistic movements that mimic the action on the screen

– Two seats, each with a seat belt and metal handle in the control panel for riders to hold on to

– Emergency stop motion button

– Two video displays: 32″ HD screen for the riders, 17″ exterior monitor for on-lookers

– Ships with two standard coin slots; ask about card swipe ability

NOTE: Some Falgas product may not be available in stock for the USA. If stock is only available from Europe, please allow additional time for shipping as well as port customs charges upon arrival. Also add in extra time due to pandemic related production & shipping issues. Do not worry about the process however, we are here to help make it as headache-free as possible!

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