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Key Master Giant


SKU: 692


Simple To Use Joystick and Button Player Controls
Installed Dimensions: H: 70″ W: 71″ D: 38″ Weight: 1430 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 85″ W: 79″ D: 41″ Weight: 1433 lbs.
Electrical: 110V (220V is optional)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Komuse / Sega Amusements




Looking for a powerhouse instant prize redemption game? Then boost the potential of your space with the #1 hit from Komuse Ltd. and Sega Amusements, Key Master Giant.

This is the super-sized model of the concept that is found in many venues around the world. The game is easy to learn and fun to play again and again. Once the user inserts their credit into the machine, they can move the Key left to right as long as there is time on the clock.

Once you feel that it is lined up properly, press and hold the blue button down for the key to begin moving up. As soon as you let go, the key moves forward. If you’ve hit the right spot and the key goes through the hole, it will pull the prize you were aiming for out, dropping it to the prize bin below!

Check out the Giant Key Master Instant Prize Redemption Game in action

Put in small prizes or larger ones like an iPad or GoPro camera! Winner Every Time (WET) kits are available if you wish to operate it as such a machine.

Sega Amusements’ Key Master Giant Features:

– “Giant” games always bring in more earnings!

– Two player controls available. This is like having two Key Master Classics in one

– One of the most popular instant prize games on the market

– Easy to play with a single joystick and large blue button control

– Tempered glass front with an all steel cabinet

– Anti-theft security feature locks the prize door in the event that an incorrect vend occurs (such as someone shaking the machine to knock a prize loose)

– Three (3) different prize zones with operator adjustable difficulty settings

– The left side has larger prize spaces while the right side features the standard prize layout configuration

– Operator adjustable payout settings

– Winner Every Time (WET) kit available at an extra cost

– Dual Coin (coin comparitor); Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA) or card swipe ready

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