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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom


Escape From Isla Nublar And Win Tickets On Your Way!
Installed Dimensions: H: 85″ W: 55″ D: 119″ Weight: 1190lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Ships on 2 pallets:
(#1): 66″ x 61″ x 88″ / 1,460 lbs.
(#2): 61″ x 26″ x 53″ / 330 lbs. (1790lbs. total)
Electrical: 120V @ 170~310W (max.); 4.2~5A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Andamiro USA





The idea of visiting a theme park with real dinosaurs sounded like fun – until everything went haywire! Fortunately you can win big tickets as you “escape” in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom by Andamiro USA.

As the second game that Andamiro USA has licensed from Universal Studios, they’ve pulled out all of the stops to make this a redemption game with legs. First, it uses the extremely popular Jurassic World name, a franchise that has earned billions of dollars in the entertainment industry since the early 1990’s. That also includes the likenesses of dinosaurs like the T-Rex, stegosaurus, triceratops and “Blue” the velociraptor that is in the Jurassic World films.

See Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom in action from its debut at IAAPA Expo 2019. Video available in 4K UHD; subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up-to-date with the latest product videos!

The gameplay uses a tried and true skill gaming concept. The player controls a 4×4 that is attached to a sliding mechanism. Each 4×4 has a set of arrows attached to them, which indicate the precise spot where they will stop. The goal is to slide the jeep to the “BIG WIN” target to get the big ticket bonus. But don’t worry – even if you land on a different spot, there are still plenty of tickets to be won!

NOTE: Pre-release, this game was known as Jurassic World Island Escape

Andamiro USA’s Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Features:

– Officially licensed Jurassic World product, with a stunning art package to boost it at any location

– 100% skill & physics based gameplay – slide the trucks – not too softly or too hard

– Two player stations; bank units to reach four, six or more!

– Easy to understand & play for kids or adults

– Rugged 4×4 trucks easily slide along the track

– Multiple ticket values to win, with the BIG WIN as the top goal for any player to hit

– RGB LED lighting allows for dynamic scoring adjustments while presenting an attractive cabinet piece

– Multiple red numerical LED counters show current values, player score and the Big Win bonus

– Anti-cheat sensors will automatically end the game if cheating is detected

– Posted excellent earnings throughout the testing phase

– Comes with 2x standard ticket dispensers; e-ticket compatible

– Comes with two standard single slot coin mechanisms; card swipe compatible

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Player protection shields (a shield on each side plus in between players down the center)

Jurassic World PPE shields

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