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Hyper Shoot Basketball


Unique Light Corridor effect draws players into the game
Installed Dimensions: H: 113″, W:43″ , D:122″ Weight: 882 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 100 x 45 x 86 Weight: 990lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: LAI Games


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Bring your basketball games into the 21st century with LAI’s spectacular new HYPER SHOOT.

Hyper Shoot’s appeal is readily apparent as instead of the typical metal wire cage, the game uses a corridor of light. This is achieved by using translucent LED rods that produce a mesmerizing lighting effect for any venue. Operators can adjust the lighting settings to fit with their needs, whether it is cycling through the rainbow of colors or keeping it on a solid hue. LED lighting is also integrated into the hoop!

This game was also meticulously designed to appeal to casual players while rewarding seasoned gamers. The game features 5 exciting rounds of play and comes with a dynamic play announcer and crowd reactions. LAI recorded over 800 lines of dialog for this game, featuring so many reaction calls that the game will feel different every time that you play! It also comes with a unique octagon shaped basketball hoop that tilts forward slightly, making it a little more welcoming to casual players, while still providing a great challenge.

Hyper Shoot also includes features that are standard for other basketball machines such as digital music and sounds (including an announcer that comments on your gameplay), a ticket redemption option and the ability to link multiple units together. Make those shots in quick succession and rack up extra points!

LAI Games’ Hyper Shoot Features:

– Exclusive “Light corridor” LED effect that stops customers in their tracks

– “Live sports commentary” by the digital announcer adds to the excitement – Over 800 lines of dialog!

– Red LED scoring displays show the High Score, # of linked players, Shot Clock and Points Per Basket. Score faster for bigger bonuses!

– Large speakers pump out crystal clear sound that engross players into the game

– Ticket dispenser included for optional use

– Link up to 8 units for multiplayer mayhem and higher earnings!

– Ships with a coin slot+mechanism; Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA) and Card Swipe ready

– Operator adjustable color settings – keep the colors changing or set to one of these solid hues:


– Wanting your logo or custom art placed on the lower cabinet? We can do that!

– Unit Connector Cover (you need minimum of two units)

– Side Skirts


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