• Fun Stop Photo Gen 1 Event booth by Team Play Inc.

Fun Stop Photos Event Model


Two Booths In One With Internal & External Cameras & Displays
Installed Dimensions: H: 78″(w/o topper), W: 30.5″, D: 43″ Weight: 568 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Team Play Inc.


Designed for venues and rental companies alike, the Fun Stop Photos Event model by Team Play packs in the features for an appealing photo taking experience.

As the first generation in Team Play’s photo booth line-up, the Gen 1/Event models introduced the dazzling camera topper display. Sporting a strobe LED flash that operates when the booth itself snaps a picture, the appeal translates into great earnings for site operators.

While most photo booths simply offer the inside-the-booth experience, the Fun Stop kicks it up a notch by offering pictures both inside and outside of the booth!  The internal camera setup is perfect for the selfie or couple while the external portion has been designed to capture great photos of groups. The unit features two screens – one inside and one without – as well as two dye sublimation printers so that people can use both cameras at the same time! This model also has a variety of features made for event runners, including Event Scheduling options, custom event artwork, photo storage on a USB drive that can be given or sold to the renter and a variety of music options. If you rent photo booths, then this is the machine to consider!

Check out the Fun Stop Photo Booths in action

The booth also uses HD cameras to provide top quality prints, color corrected by the software AND it uses it’s cameras to offer Best-In-Class security, recording anyone who attempts to break into the machine.

Team Play’s Fun Stop Photos Event Model Features:

– A photo booth made with the rental operator in mind

– Comes with Team Play’s trademark Camera Topper; LED strobe capable

– Two photo booths in one with a camera and display on both the inside and outside of the machine

– Fun animations are shown on each 26″ HD display

– Easy-to-use button controls

– Two high capacity (600 prints per printer; 1200 total)  dye sublimation printers offers amazing quality

– Metal frame construction with heavy duty 3″ wheels & leg levelers

– Multiple print formats: 2″x6″ photo strips; Two photo 4″x3″; Four photo 2″x3″; Single 4″x6” photo

– High-security locking and sophisticated anti-theft force entry security features

– Comes pre-loaded with 89 different borders; you can have Team Play design additional borders as needed! (Extra cost may apply)

– Twelve background music options

– Easily capture photos to upload to a USB thumb drive

– Uses a medical grade power supply to ensure higher up-time

– Support for English, Spanish and Portuguese languages

– Made in the USA (Illinois)

– Ships with TWO 500 note capacity Dollar Bill Acceptors (DBA); wired for Debit Card Readers

Want More Detail? Check out this handy Gen I Booth Features Guide (PDF)

NOTE: The camera topper can be removed and the unit function just the same in case you have height requirements to worry about.

This also has been produced in later Gen 2 and Gen 3 models.

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