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Fire Storm (Coin-op)


A Quality Air Hockey Table With LEDs And Black Light Paints
Installed Dimensions: H: 71″ W: 56″ D: 99.5″ Weight: 485lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Valley-Dynamo




The Fire Storm air hockey table by Valley Dynamo is one of the most celebrated ‘top-of-the-line’ tables in the industry. Both operators and players appreciate the various features that this table offers, which keeps players coming back for more!

Fire Storm tables feature a distinct overhead scorebar design and ‘fire’ style artwork that instantly becomes a showpiece in any location. It also uses a special impact-resistant laminate surface that is treated to offer high-contrast underneath a black light. Safety shields decorate the sides, each lit with bright orange LEDs to further simulate the ‘fire’ effect. The metal top rails are rounded for durability and lower maintenance. With such a strong focus on quality, this table will be a strong earner not only after you receive it but for years to come.

Valley Dynamo’s Fire Storm Air Hockey Table Features:

– Proven earner in the field – these tables not only last but make money for many years to come

– High contrast art design calls attention to itself regardless the venue

– UV treated paints cause the game to glow under black lights 

– Overhead scoreboard with a striking design

– Adjustable digital game sounds, with speaker placed behind each goal end for maximum player enjoyment

– Interactive multi-color LED lighting for extra appeal

– Time-tested Dyna-blast blower system for unparalleled game play action

– Infrared jam-proof scoring with improved goal ends to reduce jamming and down time.


– Common components and electronics shared with other Dynamo tables makes for ease of service and fewer parts stocked.

– Simple programming, PCB easily accessed through side-mount service door.

– Impact-resistant laminate playfield – for long life and simple replacement.

– Safe rounded top-rail design – no corner protectors needed

– Ships with a standard 2-slot coin door; Card Reader, DBA,  and Ticket Dispenser ready. Please specify which type of payment acceptance that you want at the time of your order.

– Looking for the non-coin/home model? Click here

– CE Approved model available

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