• Dino Pop redemption game by Universal Space

Dino Pop


Toss The Ball Into The Dinosaur’s Mouth For Tickets
Installed Dimensions: H 82″ x W 29″ x D 72″ Weight: 470lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Universal Space (UNIS)

It’s time to feed the dinosaur in Dino Pop, a fun ball toss game for kids by Universal Space.

This is a simple, attractive and fun game where players toss as many balls as they can into the Dinos mouth within the time limit. The T-Rex shaped dinosaur also moves to make the ball toss slightly more challenging! That helps set it apart from most games in this genre out there, which usually feature static targets. Tickets are awarded to the player based on their final score.

Universal Space’s Dino Pop Features:

– Ball toss game designed for kids with a dinosaur theme

– Bright colors and chasing LED lights draws attention to the game in any venue

– Adorable T-Rex style dinosaur molded figure moves from side to side, creating a challenge

– Three separate, red numerical LED displays show game credit & scoring information

– Steel cage protectors to help keep balls inside of the game

– Comes with an assortment of colored plastic balls, all the same size

– Includes a ticket dispenser

– Coin or card swipe ready. Please specify which one is needed at the time of your order.


See the Dino Pop getting played right here:

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