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Crazy Prize



Make A Skill Shot To Win The Prize
Installed Dimensions: TBA
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: TouchMagix



It’s time to use your skills to win in Crazy Prize by Touch Magix!

Crazy Prize is a capsule prize machine with four player stations and a presence that will dominate any game room. This is thanks to its colorful façade and height. Capsules are on display in the storage tower at the top and along the circular conveyor belt within the game.

While the game is on, the conveyor belt operates. A player simply has to credit up at any one of the stations, then time their button press to activate the poker. The goal is to knock the capsule into the “Skill Shot” hole up the ramp. If you manage that, the prize falls to the collection box below; If not, credit up and try again.

TouchMagix’s Crazy Prize Features

  • A colorful twist on prize capsule vending
  • Towering presence with a prize storage bin atop the game
  • Island design draws attention from every angle
  • Colorful artwork with LED lighting to further enhance the look
  • Four player stations
  • Skill-based play
  • Always-On conveyor belt; Capsules are fed from the bin above
  • Single-button operation that appeals to kids & adults alike
  • Uses 4″ capsules
  • Digital music & sounds
  • Solenoid-powered launcher
  • Coin or card swipe ready (4x slots)

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