• Comet crane machine by Family Fun Companies

Comet Crane


Control Panel Features An LCD To Display Info
Installed Dimensions: H: 77.5″ W: 30.5″, D: 34.5″ Weight: 286 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 81″ W: 34″ D: 38″ Weight: 336 lbs.
Electrical: 110V @ 6A (220V available)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Family Fun Companies


The Comet crane by Family Fun Companies is an extremely reliable & attractive 100% skill crane game. It is housed inside of a convenient 31″ wide cabinet that works great all locations of all kinds and sizes.

The basic design that the Comet has is what you would expect from a claw machine – easy to use, attractive art work, & great size. This is highlighted by the revolutionary “Automode Operating System” that can save your route operations time and money. “AutoMode”™ is a system designed to allow Operators to predetermine fill kit set up in advance by determining the various game settings usually done on site and location which can often take long periods of time and test. Prefilled game fill kits can be calculated for cost of goods, desired throw, price per play options, and overall claw strength [high and low power] through the AutoMode™ table. By marking fill kits in advance with the relative AutoMode™ prize code settings, an Operator can very quickly replenish stock on location and, by entering a predetermined 4 digit code, be completely set up for operation.

The Comet Crane also uses special effects, custom audio tracks, highly stylized cabinetry and bright lighting all combine to deliver a uniquely innovative skill crane with full crane self-diagnostics and bookkeeping, all displayed on the LCD display that is integrated into the control panel.

Family Fun Companies’ Comet Crane Features:

– Attractive and inviting cabinet design with kid-friendly artwork & red aesthetic

– 31″ wide cabinet

– Easy to play – just move the claw with the joystick and send it below with the button

– LCD screen built into the control panel to show credit and time

– Medium sized claw for plush toys

– Features Normal Mode or Vending Mode (Winner Every Time)

– Automode Operating System was design with the route operator in mind

– Ships with a standard coin slot; DBA or card swipe ready

Available Options – Please Call For Pricing

– Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA)

– 220V power

– Custom artwork


Check out the Comet! claw machine in action from Amusement Expo 2015

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