• CC301

CC301 Compact / Portable Coin Counter


Counts Speed: 1800 Coins per minute
Dimensions: H 17″, W 23″, D 32″
Weight (lbs): 30
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: American Changer Corporation

Take the hassle out of counting coins with the CC301 by American Changer.

The CC301 Coin Counter is a compact and portable coin counter, bringing convenience and efficiency to your vending, amusement, or route operation. It has been designed to count all standard US coins, as well amusement tokens. Users can easily adjust what type of coin width and thickness you want to count by using the labelled dials on the counter’s surface. Any coin that is not the size you wish to count is rejected, allowing you to sort out coin types or in catching coins that are not supposed to be there. It has full batch capabilities and features a (7) digit LED display and counts over 1800 coin per minute. You’ll never want to count coins 1-by-1 ever again after using this!

American Changer’s CC301 Coin Counter Features:

– An essential tool for any business that handled large amounts of coins

– Durable, compact and portable design with a handle attached to the back of the unit

–  The large, mechanical spinning coin well sorts the coins at 1800 coins a minute

– Place excess coins/tokens in the top tray and lower them into the coin well as needed

– Two dials for setting coin acceptance width and thickness; each is labelled with standard coins D=Dimes; P=Pennies; Q=Quarters; N=Nickels; $=General coins; H=Tokens)

– Full batch setting features, easy to program

– Coin reject can go into a small plastic holder or directly feeds into a container of your choice

– Comes with preset coin funnels to further improve efficiency

– Uses a standard 3-prong power cable (the same found in desktop computers, monitors, arcade machines and some TVs)

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