• AC8004 Platinum Series changer by American Changer

AC 8004 “Platinum Series” High Security Bill Changer

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Double The Capacity & The Security Than Starter Changers!
Installed Dimensions: H 26.5″, W 21.25″, D 13.5″ Weight: 162lbs
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Electrical: 100V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: American Changer Corporation


The Platinum series of change machines by American Changer are designed especially for locations where security is a top priority, particularly for unmanned locations. The AC8004 is the next step in the series, offering amazing capacity but the same security as the AC8002.

Both the cabinet and the door of the 8004 are made from 11 gauge stainless steel and the unit comes with two high security Medeco branded hardened locks & keys. Internally the unit uses two of ACC’s signature, reliability-plus, hoppers that holds up to 5,600 Quarters or Tokens per hopper for a total coin capacity of 11,200 coins (8,800 for $1 coins)! It also features dual bill validators that can take $1-$20 bills and hold up to 2,200 notes total. The internal circuitry features a small backlit green LCD display that is easy to navigate, allowing the operator to easy set the machine to the preferred settings or to diagnose any issues that may arise. It can be equipped with your choice of either a “Change” or “Tokens” front face. This model also allows the use of a variety of standard DBA’s (comes with a Pyramid acceptor by default). The machine vends either coins, or tokens from 0.75″ to 1.125″ in diameter, and from 0.49″ to 0.98 in thickness.

American Changer’s AC 8004 Features:

– Front load change machine with best-in-class security through the welded stainless steel design

– Chrome style finish (powder coat

– Dual hoppers works with Quarters or Tokens (11,200 total capacity) or $1 Coins (8,800 capacity)

– Made In The USA

– Outer casing is made from high security 11-gauge stainless steel

– Reliable hopper mechanism

– Dual Validator can take $1/$5/$10/$20; 2,200 bill/note total capacity (1,100 per stacker)

– 2x Hardened steel locks

– Out of service light activates in the case of a fault (low on tokens or other problem)

– Easy to transport

– Multi-button Control Board allows you to easily adjust the settings

– Please select at the time of your order for the front face plate: CHANGE or TOKENS

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Custom art or text

– Powder coat paint (any color)

– Coin catcher

– Condor $1/25¢ coin acceptor

– High security IDX brand electronic coin acceptor

– Audit Printer

– Tilt Alarm (130 dB)

– Contact Alarm (130 dB)

– Freeze Protection

– Iris System Internet credit card system (ethernet or cell phone network)

– CoinCo Vantage Validator & Stacker (available with a 500 note stacker or 1,110 note stacker)

– MEI Validator & Stacker (holds 1,000 notes)

– Stainless Steel Pedestal Base (Dimensions: H: 26″ W: 25″ D: 13.50″)

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