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Knockout Boxer

SKU: 857


Solid Boxing machine that has support for multiple players!
Installed Dimensions: Height: 90″ Width: 29 1/2″ Depth: 51″ Weight: 275lbs
Electrical: 120V/240V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Jakar



Test your might with this fine quality, high earning boxing machine by Jakar.

Like other boxer machines on the market, the premise is simple – insert coins, press start, punch the bag as hard as you can and the machine will measure the strength of each strike. Scoring details for each player (between 1-4), the current strike and the record are shown using bright red LED numerical displays. The different strength categories are also shown between 100-900, which will light up depending on where you landed.

These boxing machines are designed for heavy use (indoor OR outdoor) and they bring in the earnings. Venues that have found success with such machines includes: amusement parks, fairs, pubs, cinemas, sea resorts, Family Entertainment Centers, clubs, and shopping centers. The machine components were also designed to satisfy valid safety standards, proven by a CE certificate.

Different airbrush designs are also available or order a Knockout Boxer with your own art wrap! Please ask about pricing.

Boxer Multiplayer Airbrush designs

What Makes The Knockout Boxer Special?

– Tried-and-true strength testing game that has a high ROI

– Designed with high quality materials; European CE certified

– Operable indoors or outdoors (no cover required). Uses a powder paint that is weather resistant

– Supports 1-4 players; displays the top record score

– Scores are measure by strength, speed and reflex

– Plays both fun and critical sounds depending on the player’s performance

– Operator adjustments include price settings, volume control, strength level percentage and more

– Available in different languages (please request upon purchase)

– Custom artwork packages (airbrush or vinyl wrap) are available at an extra cost

– Ships with a coin comparator; please ask about other payment acceptance options

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