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Boardwalk Big Spin [Giant]


Take A Spin On The Boardwalk And Become A Winner!
Installed Dimensions: H: 138″ W: 72″ D: 52″ Weight: 675lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Ships in 2 pieces:
#1 – H: 58″ W: 32″ D: 46″ Weight: 340lbs.
#2 – H: 81″ W: 30″ D: 77″ Weight: 500lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Coastal Amusements



Boardwalks are known for their glitz and dazzle, which you can now bring to the arcade in a giant way with Boardwalk Big Spin by Coastal Amusements.

Boardwalk Big Spin is a simple wheel redemption game that leaves an impression with it’s enormous theme park level size. That’s no joke – standing at 11 1/2′ tall, this machine demands attention where ever it is found. The size is complimented by the extensive RGB LED lighting built into the cabinet.

See the Boardwalk Big Spin in action at IAAPA Expo 2019. Video available in 4K UHD; subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up-to-date with the latest product videos!

The game play is simple – credit up, then crank the wheel. The more you crank it, the faster the arrow spins and the better your chances of a nice ticket win are. Players will watch in amazement as the neon arrow spins around, the anticipation building as it slows down to land on a value. Where ever it stops, that’s what you win. It’s so fun, you can’t help but to spin again!

Coastal Amusements’ Boardwalk Big Spin Features:

– Bring the fun of the “boardwalk” to your location

– Available in two sizes, 11.5′ & 9.5′

– A dazzling display of RGB LEDs

– Intuitive gameplay – just spin and see how much you win!

– Large crank-spinner controller.

– LED numerical counters show current values all around the wheel (operator adjustable)

– Two LED displays (one in the marquee, one on the control panel) show bonus win information and how many tickets won

– 1x ticket dispenser included

– Standard coin door included; card swipe ready

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