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Bigfoot Crush


Crush Cars For Points Or Tickets While Driving A Legend!
Installed Dimensions: H: 91″ W: 49″ D: 60″ Weight: 441lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V / 220V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: UNIS



No other truck is as iconic as BIGFOOT, the monster truck of legend that was the face of the car-crushing sport in the 1980’s. Now, you can drive an official, virtual version of the 4×4 in UNIS‘ Bigfoot Crush!

Designed with kids in mind, Bigfoot Crush comes in an attractive cabinet that in addition to the namesake monster truck, features truck details throughout. This includes 4×4 tire molds on the backs of the seats, RGB LED backlit tires on the marquee and animated exhaust pipes on the side.  Each cabinet comes with two player stations, each with their own set of controls and a 32″ HD screen.

The game itself is an exciting off-road car crushing romp, where players pick from one of several licensed monster trucks, then a course, then begin the race! Courses feature a variety of terrains to play, each course presenting obstacles to avoid, cars to crush, power-ups to grab and coins to collect. The game can be played for amusement-only (play for points) or in redemption-mode (play for tickets).

Check out BIGFOOT CRUSH from this manufacturer produced video.

UNIS’ Bigfoot Crush Features:

– Officially licensed from BIGFOOT

– Exclusive to arcades; Designed for kids

– Twin cabinet design with two sets of controls and separate monitors

– RGB LEDs enhance the overall look of the cabinet without being overwhelming

– Steering wheel controls with buttons on each wheel; Single gas pedal

– Low seating with the perfect view height for children

– 2x vertically mounted 32″ HD monitors

– Race different courses, perform tricks and crush cars!

– Operates in Amusement (points only) or Redemption mode (play for tickets)

– 1x ticket dispenser per side included (2x total)

– Compatible with coins or card swipe. Please specify what is needed at the time of your order.

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