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Big Buck Hunter Reloaded [Offline]


Celebrating 20 Years Of Big Buck Hunting
Installed Dimensions (Mini): H: 90″ W: 41″ D: 31″ Weight: 400lbs.~
Shipping Dimensions (Mini): 83″H x 37″W x 43″D – 428lbs
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Play Mechanix / Raw Thrills Inc.




Few modern arcade games are as well known as the Big Buck Hunter series, and with Big Buck Reloaded, the franchise is delivering it’s strongest punch yet! Note that this listing is for the OFFLINE version, which is the model sold to residential customers and locations that would use the game in a non-profit manner.

Big Buck Reloaded maintains everything you know and love about the game, and adds more to it. The core formula hasn’t changed – pick your game mode, This gives both fans and operators a “definitive” version of the virtual hunting experience. This means more animals to hunt, more bonus stages and more unique game modes to explore and enjoy!

For newcomers, Big Buck Hunter titles challenge your sharpshooting skills as you go on a Trek (3 hunting sites+a bonus stage) for a particular animal. Only shoot the bulls & critters; avoid the does, as hitting a doe means the site is over and you move on to the next. Scores are determined by a combination of how far away the bull was, how many shots it took and it’s weight.  Bonus stages really put your skills to the test as you must accurately hit 40 targets without a miss – to get the best score. Bonus stages are randomized and feature many hilarious scenarios.

Big Buck Reloaded adds more fun to the package by streamlining the game interface, making it a breeze for anyone to navigate and enjoy. You can also shoot at targets with either a gun or a bow.

But that’s not all! Reloaded essentially provides a multi-game platform for light-gun gaming. In addition to the regular Big Buck Hunter Pro and Arcade modes, it also offers these unique shooting games:

These are full, separate game experiences that could work as their own separate arcade game cabinets, but come installed as a part of the Big Buck Reloaded package! Note that on Offline models, that these games come pre-installed; No internet connection needed to access. Do note that all Offline games DO NOT allow you to charge per play using the coin door. You must activate the Online features to be able to have it take coins or bills.

Big Buck Reloaded was demonstrated at IAAPA Expo 2019, where we were there to check it out. Video available in 4K UHD; subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up-to-date with the latest product videos!

Raw Thrills’ Big Buck Reloaded Features:

– The world’s most recognized virtual hunting experience, only found in arcades

– Available in a 42″ Mini Model (pictured), Panorama w/ 43″ TV or Panorama w/o monitor

– The most significant update to the Big Buck series since Big Buck Wild launched in 2015

– OFFLINE model is perfect for a home or office setting

– NEW: Dedicated cabinet design with gun holsters & cup holders!

– NEW: Hunt with a Bow or a Gun

– NEW: Monsters of Lost Island & Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission adds 40 minutes of gameplay, on top of the content already found therein!

– Includes all animals from Big Buck Wild, including Buckzilla; Adds new Zombie Deer!

-Access to various modes that drive business to your location (Instant Tourneys for cash; High profile annual Championships; Showdown mode)

-Gorgeous and photorealistic graphics on a 43″ 1080p display (included)

-2 guns allows for competitive head-to-head play; players can play on teams for up to 4 players!

-Fantastic skill based play that millions of players around the world have come to love

– Continues to use the redesigned guns from 2015, which are built for reliability

-Compact cabinet design allows this to be installed into smaller, space conscious locations

-Numerous animals, locations and bonus rounds keeps you coming back for more as you try and best your high scores

– Online tournaments and special game modes not available for the Home/Offline editions

– Offline units work as Free Play only but the unit comes with a pair of coin slots and a Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA) in case you wish to convert over to Online/Commercial use later on.

Available Options – Call for Price

– Update kit for existing Big Buck HD/Wild Offline units

– Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission LED topper

Available Operator Adjustments

-Volume settings for Master and Attract Mode

-Pricing settings including Free Play

-Big Buck Girls On or Off

-Gun Calibration

-Troubleshooting Utilities

-Bookkeeping Features

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