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Arka / Jungle Boat


Interact with 8 different animals while the ride is on
Installed Dimensions: H:69 1/4″, W: 30 5/8″, D:70″ Weight: 254 lbs
Electrical: 110V/220V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Universal Space (UNIS)

Interact with some of your favorite animals in Arka, a unique and innovative kiddie ride by Universal Space.

Arka stands out from other kiddie rides by featuring a small enclosure in front of where the child sits. Inside are eight 3D animal toys which will move up and down when the child presses the appropriate button on the control panel. A steering wheel is also present so that the rider can feel like they are steering the boat.

With gentle motion, bench seating that can hold two children and durable high quality fiberglass, this is a kiddie ride that will stand out!

Universal Space’s Arka/Jungle Boat Features:

– Animal ark themed ride with eight animals to interact with

– 1 button per animal; steering wheel device (wheel does not affect gameplay or motion)

– Seats 1-2 children

– High quality fiberglass cabinet sways with gentle motion

– Comes with an electronic coin comparator; card swipe ready


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