Museums are places designed for both teaching and entertaining. Let PrimeTime Amusements help you on the latter part via our professional, arcade-quality amusement machines!

Arcade games and the related amusement-products that we carry can be an excellent fit to spruce up any empty space you happen to have at your location. We’ve designed this page to help you explore potential options and provide ideas to that effect. We receive requests from museums frequently, and know what works best and what doesn’t.

These products can be a great way to to add extra “curb appeal” to your location, while also being sources of additional income.  They do not require an attendant to constantly monitor, and have been created to appeal to a wide audience.  With a little information on your clientele and what you want to accomplish with a game room, we can put together the perfect list of titles that will give your customers an extra reason to come into your location.

The Hottest Titles For Museums In 2021

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Hurricane Simulator (Orange) by Coast To Coast Entertainment

#1 most requested item for museums across the board – Check out the Hurricane Simulator!

Kiki Wall touchscreen multigame for kids by Replay

Do you have a lot of kids come through your venue? Then check out the Kiki Arcade line! These can be set for Amusement, Redemption or Capsule Vending play.

PTA_photoboothsPhotobooths are also a popular request, as these create souvenirs that can be branded with your company logo or even special custom backgrounds! Browse our extensive photobooths section here.


If you have a lot of parents coming into the location with their kids, then an interactive kiddie ride like the Big Bug Blaster(pictured) or the Diabolo can also be a great product to offer in your waiting space. Browse all of the available kiddie rides here.

PTA_CraneslineupCrane machines come in various models and sizes, a perfect fit for any waiting area. Clients can play for plush, toys, or branded items related to your specialty! Most cranes can also be customized to fit with your museum theme. Click here to browse our extensive selection of cranes.

The Zapper novelty shocking chair by Elaut USA

Novelty products are also a great fit for museum locations, such as The Zapper shock chair by Elaut USA.

IT-6900 Vending Massage Chair by Infinity

We also have an option for rest & relaxation with the IT-6900 Coin-op massage chair.

That is just a small sampling of the many great games that are available now. Click here to browse our Featured Games category!

Do You Carry Used Games?

Yes we do! Our Certified Pre-Owned Games program has provided fully refurbished games to clients all over the world. Stock does change frequently, but thanks to our game operations across the state of Florida, we have new arrivals coming in all the time. Click here to browse our current selection.

How Do I Purchase?

Give us a call at 1.800.550.0090 or email us here for more information on your purchase. For payment, we accept bank wire transfers and now Paypal (smaller purchases only on the latter)!

We also have different financing options available. Click here to find out more. 

What About Shipping?

Buying the games for your business is only the first step in the process – getting the equipment there and inside is just as important. At PrimeTime Amusements, we have extensive experience in shipping equipment around the world and can assist you in this process to remove the headaches. Pricing quoted will include curbside w/liftgate costs; please ask us about other shipping methods. Note that the setup and installation of games is not included.

All games can be custom programmed as a “Free-Play” feature prior to shipping.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to serving your amusement needs!