Rockin’ Bowl-O-Rama


With Jukebox songs
Dimensions: H: 63″, W: 31″, D: 33″
Weight (lbs): 320
Condition: Showroom Floor
Manufacturer: Namco Bandai Games

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This is the stylish deluxe cabinet version of the new Rockin’ Bowl-O-Rama. Up to four players can compete in several play modes including Half-Game regulation Ten Pin Bowling, Full game regulation, three game series regulation ten pin bowling, ten pin poker, trick shot bowling, and Blackjack Bowling where you knock down 21 pins out of three full racks without going over to win! Packed with over thirty Rockin’ 50’s songs, selectable balls and weights, slow motion replays, advanced real-world physics modeling graphics, and all of the excitement of bowling without the stinky shoes!