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Quik Drop


Fill the Buckets To Win Tickets
Installed Dimensions: H:108″ (adjustable to 132″) W:39″ D: 44.5″ Weight: 600lbs.
Dimensions W/ Duo link kit: 89.5″ Wide
Shipping Dimensions: 2 pieces
#1 – H: 88″ W: 48″ D: 50″ Weight: 590lbs.
#2 – H: 40″ W: 40″ D: 40″ Weight: 150lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Bay Tek Games


Quik Drop by Bay Tek Games has already proven to be a winner out on location and thanks to it’s attention-grabbing cabinet and fast-paced, addictive game play, you’ll find your buckets overflowing with profits in no time!

With each credit, players are given 50 balls to try and skillfully drop into the rotating buckets below. Push the drop button at just the right time to rapid fire all of the balls into the buckets. The more balls you catch the more tickets you win – it’s as easy as that! Catch all 50 balls to win the progressive jackpot bonus and walk away the Big Winner!

Check out Bay Tek’s Quik Drop as seen at IAAPA 2015. Quick Drop

Bay Tek’s Quik Drop Features:

– Tall, attractive cabinet with an appealing marquee draws attention in any game room
– Get 50 balls per credit; drop as many into the buckets as you can for the most tickets
– 5 clear buckets attached to a rotating platform
– Intuitive single button play is perfect for all ages
– HD LCD screen shows game & scoring information
– Game is lit with cool white LEDs
– Automatic ball reloading system
– Various operator adjustments including ticket and progressive jackpot bonus payouts
– Proven earner on location thanks to the fun and addictive gameplay
– Ships with a ticket dispenser & standard 2-slot coin door. Card swipe ready

Want to see the Quik Drop in person? You can find it at the PrimeTime Arcade inside the X-Treme Action Park in Ft. Lauderdale, FL!

Available Options – Please Call For Pricing

– Quick Drop Duo Linking Column Kit to link two units together (released March 2018)


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