rentals-corporate2_thumbAt any trade show, not only attracting but keeping the right audience is essential for your success. Primetime Amusements can assist your company with this difficult task using a variety of arcade attractions and much more.

Our products help stimulate traffic for your company at these types of events.

tradeshow1_thumbIf you are looking to get a leg up on your competition at the next trade show we can advise your company as to what games work best to convey your corporate message.

tradeshow2_thumbA popular request is to have our arcades custom wraped with corporate logos and colors. View samples of our Custom Corporporate Arcades. We can also customize the contents of any crane machine with corprotate items as prizes.

tradeshow4_thumbMake your next trade show the topic of discussion! For more information on trade show rentals call or email Lainie Solomon.