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Toybox XL



The Biggest Of The Toybox Bunch
Installed Dimensions: H: 98.5″ W: 59″ D: 39.5″ Weight: TBA
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V / 220V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: UNIS



Looking to offer toys on your route or at the arcade? Then the Toy Box crane series by UNIS is the perfect way to accomplish that goal. This listing is for the single player XL model; It is also available in other configurations, see below.

The ToyBox XL offers prize grabbing fun in a sleek and modern package. The front prize area has no metal bars to block the view – it’s all viewable through the the glass! This is further bolstered by the customizable RGB LED lighting. This allows you to set the color of the machine to whatever you like, or what matches the venue. This looks great when you combine several Toy Boxes together – make them all the same color or do a range! Just note that this does not change the colors dynamically or flash – it’s a static setting that only changes when you tell it to.

The single player ToyBox XL works great for medium-sized or large plushies, along with other similar size toys, such as large rubber duckies, knobby balls and more. The game uses a standard joystick/button control to navigate the medium-sized 3-fingered claw.

The larger XL offers more space so you can vend more prizes, while maintaining the same kind of look and feel of the other Toybox cranes.


UNIS’ ToyBox XL Features

– An inviting and friendly crane with a theme that makes kids think of their toy box at home
– Modern aesthetic design features more art than other versions
– Open-face tempered glass
– 3D cut marquee with 3D letters and LED lighting
– Customize the color using the RGB LED feature. Not animated but pick any color from the rainbow!
– Shelf racks on the back of each station for showcasing the principle prize inside
– Easy-to-use, industry standard joystick/button controls
– Excellent for banking units together
– Coin, DBA or card swipe ready; Ships with a standard coin comparator
– Excellent for establishing an entire location around the concept, which has been done in certain regions of Asia.
– Also available as: Single-player; Single-Player LCD; 2-player; and 4-player

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