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Top Gunner

SKU: 757


Two (2) Real Recoiling Swivel Mounted Machine Guns
Installed Dimensions: H: 80″, W: 42″, D: 57″ (42″ model)
H: 77″, Width: 62″, Depth: 89″ (AIR 55″ model)
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V @ 950W (42″) / 220V @ 2000W (AIR 55″)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Injoy Motion Corp




Find yourself back in 1944, fighting in an alternate timeline during the most harrowing war the world has ever seen in InJoy Motion’s Top Gunner.

As part of a special Air Force unit investigating reports of a secret Nazi weapon, you take flight to hostile skies to investigate these reports. Along the way you will encounter Nazi aircraft, warships, carriers, and even the “Godzilla” secret weapon. Top Gunner features a motion-shaking platform and *real* dual feedback recoiling machine guns with different ammunition types and unique force feedback to each.

Top Gunner was designed in three different cabinet styles: Standard 42″, Deluxe 55″ and AIR Deluxe model that features a motion seat and enclosure cabinet.Top Gunner AIR TWIN motion simulator model by InJoy Motion

InJoy Motion’s Top Gunner Features:

– Exclusive to arcades with no home console or mobile version to compete with

– Unique mounted guns feature two levels of impressive force feedback that changes depending on the type of cannon being used

– Play through an alternate history of World War II as you fight to stop the Nazi’s from deploying a secret weapon

– 3D graphics are shown on a 42″ or 55″ HD display (depending upon the model)

– Attractive cabinet design regardless the model

– Support for 1-2 players

– Ships with an electronic coin mechanism that is easy to setup; card swipe ready

NOTE: As of 2020, this game is no longer in production. If made available through our Certified Pre-Owned games, we will list it there.

Available Options – Please Call

– Spare Parts Package

– Extended Warranty


Check out Top Gunner in action:

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