Ticket World 30″


LED Light Crane With A Focus On Neon Style Effects
Installed Dimensions: H: 84″ W: 30″ D: 34″ Weight: CALL
Shipping Dimensions: H: 91″ W: 42″ D: 48″ Weight: 340lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: S&B Toy Company / St. Louis Game Company


Using a similar design to their Neon World crane, the 30″ Ticket World crane machine by the St. Louis Game Company brings the same quality and style to a machine that is exclusively focused on offering rolls of tickets as prizes.

The crane itself features a sturdy, polished aluminum frame, reinforced backing behind a translucent LED backlit door and a proven electronics system that will keep in operation during your busiest hours. Internally the game includes a UV lighting effect that enhances products with UV/black light paints, creating a deeper attraction to come and play. The appeal of playing for rolls of tickets has been proven in strong earnings across a variety of locations around the country, so don’t hesitate to jump onto this trend today!

Check out the Ticket World in action from Amusement Expo 2017!

St. Louis Game Company’s Ticket World Crane Features:

– Solid construction crane machine that uses a polished aluminum frame

– Specifically tailored for rewarding tickets, finding more play than many ticket redemption games

– LED lighting effects behind translucent fixtures create a fantastic “neon” effect that drives earnings higher

– Available in six different colors (LEDs do NOT change color)

– Standard 4-way joystick controls

– LCD information display built into the control panel

– Digital sound effects makes for a more entertaining prize winning experience

– Adjustable claw strength to control payouts

– Operator adjustments include Winner Every Time functionality

– Ships with a single standard coin mechanism; DBA ready

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