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Ticket Station Transparent Model

SKU: 570


The Most Advanced “Ticket Eater” On The Market!
Installed Dimensions: H 67.5″, W 30″, D 30″ Weight: 310lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 74″ W:39″ D: 39″ Weight: 385lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Benchmark Games, Inc.



The Ticket Station by Benchmark Games is the industry’s most reliable and attractive ticket eater, featuring a small footprint where each side can house an eater station. This listing is for the “transparent” model, that allows customers to watch the tickets as they are shredded in the machine.

When a user inserts their tickets to be counted, the Ticket Station starts off slow then ramps up to eating 13 tickets a second, accurately counting them along the way. Once finished, the unit prints a redemption receipt on high-quality, “tamper-proof” Thermal Printers, with Bar Code security offering accurate & reliable 4-way bar code recognition. The tickets themselves are cut and deposited into a bag in the bottom of the unit, with a “Bag-Full” ticket sensor alerting the staff to when a new bag needs to be placed into the machine.

With 1 to 4 stations available, you can upgrade the capacity at any time to meet the needs of your business. Need more than 4 stations in one box? Get a second one!

Available in Green or Purple

Benchmark Games’ Ticket Station Features:

– No more weighing or hand counting masses of tickets! 13 tickets eaten per second ability

– High capacity, automatic ticket eater & counter that prints thermal receipts that can be redeemed instead

– Features a patent pending Low-dust scissor cutter

– Transparent/clear model features a window that allows users to be entertained as they watch their tickets be eaten

– Small footprint with 1 station per cabinet side. Start up with 1 station and upgrade to two, three or four at any time!

– Shredded tickets are deposited into a large bag inside the machine; “Bag-Full” sensor & alarm alerts staff for the need of a bag change. Holds over 250,000 sliced tickets!

– Red numerical LED counter on the front shows how many tickets have been counted; press a button to stop and print your receipt

– Receipts are printed on “tamper-proof” thermal paper and can only be redeemed at your location

– Self-cleaning mechanism delivers a high-pressure air blast every 1000 tickets keeps optos dust-free

– Includes Fail-Safe back-up systems to keep the machine running at all times with an independent computer system for each station and dual power supply units

– Self destruct protection (patent pending) with digital motors that provide torque control auto shutdown & restart

Available Options – Please Call For Pricing

– Green or Purple artwork (free)

– Custom Marquee

– 220V power operation


Check out the Ticket Station in action:

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