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Ticket Circus (3-player)


Push The Chips Over The Edge To Win Tickets
Installed Dimensions: H: 90.50″ W: 79″ D: 51.5″ Weight: 1036 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 115v @ 230w~550w
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Elaut USA




Using a similar formula that is found in new age pushers after Elaut’s Wizard of Oz pusher revolutionized the industry, Ticket Circus offers targeted coin pushing to win tickets!

Ticket Circus has a closed loop system for tokens and a 100 % ticket pay out. Players control the metal arm inside of the game with the joystick and push the “Rapid Fire” button to shoot coins out onto the moving playfield. Inside of the game are thick colored chips with number values printed on them. These represent how many tickets you can win if you manage to push one or more chips off of the edge!

After the worldwide success of the Ticket Circus 6-player, the 3-player version is the answer to the demand for a smaller footprint version. The 3-player version has a nice showcase in the back, which provides an excellent way to showcase prizes to win. Place this unit flat up against the wall or create an attractive center piece by playing two 3-player models back-to-back.  Operators can also use Elaut’s ‘Emos’ tablet management system for remote management and bookkeeping.

What Makes The Ticket Circus Special?

– 3-player version of the popular 6-player Ticket Circus model

– Attractive circus theme

– New wave pusher – push the chips on the platform over to win – that only offers ticket payout

– Five chip styles are included with the game – blue square(5 tickets), green hexagon(10), pink clover (20), red heart (50) & yellow star(100)

– Two operator adjustable bonus rounds: Fixed & Variable

– Easy to use joystick/button controls

– Digital sounds & music

– Internal token & chip recycling system

– Red numerical LED displays show Tokens, Tickets to Pay & Ticket Bonus values (bonus is operator adjustable)

– 1 high-capacity ticket dispenser is integrated right into the playfield area so users and attendants can see how many tickets are left

– Ships with 1 standard coin slot mechanism per player side; Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA) & card swipe ready

Click here for the 6-player model

Check out Ticket Circus 3-player in action from IAAPA 2016:

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