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The Beatles Beatlemania Pinball (Gold Edition)


The British Invasion Comes To Pinball
Installed Dimensions: H: 75.5″ W: 27″ D: 55″ Weight: 250lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 56″ W: 31″ D: 31″ Weight: 280lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Stern Pinball


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As the most influential band in music history, The Beatles is a property that people old and young can instantly recognize. To celebrate such an incredible legacy, Stern Pinball has created the first and only Beatles-themed pinball machine: The Beatles – Beatlemania.

Based upon a classic 1980 Stern pinball table called Seawitch, that older table has been completely re-themed to focus on The Beatles when they began their international “British Invasion” in 1964. The likenesses of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr (the “Fab Four”) from this era are found on the cabinet, sporting their iconic blue suits. As the game layout is essentially the same as a classic game, this title feels like it came from the 1960’s, playing as a simple game that people of any skillset can enjoy.

The Beatles does more than just re-themes an old game with new artwork however. All of the electronics are modern, with Stern’s SPIKE-2 system managing the components; lights replaced with long-lasting LEDs; a sharp HD display built into the back box for vibrant animations and remastered clips and more. Custom speech has been provided for the game by the legendary disc jockey Cousin Brucie, who introduced The Beatles at New York’s Shea Stadium in 1964. The playfield has two new feature additions that elevate the game beyond Seawitch – first, a magnet at the top of the playfield; second, a spinning disc in the center of the playfield that looks like a vinyl record.

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With these new features, a completely new rule set, four flippers, 11 drop targets, multiple stand-up targets, multiple skill shots, multiball modes and and enhanced with the high-energy Beatles songs, this game will span generations and find appeal for years to come.

NOTE: While Stern has produced 100 Diamond Edition and 250 Platinum Edition units, these are extremely difficult to get a hold of due to high demand. The only differences between these units and the Gold Edition is: 1) unique artwork that other models don’t have 2) extremely limited production numbers as stated. Please call us about price & availability. Click here to download/view The Beatles Pinball Features Matrix (PDF).

Stern Pinball’s The Beatles Pinball (Gold Edition) Features:

– The first and only licensed pinball table based upon The Beatles

– Limited production! Only 1,614 Gold Edition models will be made.

– Retro style gameplay that fits with the 1960’s aesthetic

– Features nine Beatles hits: A Hard Day’s Night, Can’t Buy Me Love, Ticket to Ride, All My Loving, Help, Drive My Car, It Won’t Be Long, I Should Have Known Better, & Taxman

– Four flippers, 11 drop targets, two opto-spinners, 8 stand up targets, multiball modes

– Bright & balanced LED lighting

– Special features: Magnet and disc spinner, the latter designed to look like a vinyl record

– Supports 1-4 players (taking turns)

– HD display shows vibrant animations, clips of the band and Ed Sullivan, scoring and more

– All music & sounds are pumped through a hi-fidelty 3-channel sound amp

– Separate treble & bass adjustment controls

– Includes a standard two-slot coin door; DBA ready or Free Play available

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