• Spinner Frenzy by Adrenaline Amusements

Spinner Frenzy


The First Fidget Spinner Video Redemption Arcade Game!
Installed Dimensions: H: 104″ W: 52″ D: 34″
Shipping Dimensions: H: 82″ W: 54″ D: 36″ Weight: 390lbs.
Electrical: 110V @ 2.5A Or 220V @ 1.25A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Adrenaline Amusements


You’ve seen them just about everywhere, maybe you have your own collection of Fidget Spinners. Now, thanks to Adrenaline Amusements, you can tap into the craze with Spinner Frenzy, the first arcade title that stars a fidget spinner as the central focus & controller!

Show off your ninja spinning skills in public and win tickets in the process.  The outer edge of the cabinet is shaped like a giant spinner and features many numbers, all attached to an “RPM”. Your goal is to take control of the mounted spinner in the center and to get the right speed to win the best amount of tickets – particularly the posted bonus! It is really just that simple…and fun!

Adrenaline Amusements’ Spinner Frenzy Features:

– Exclusive arcade play based around the hottest fad of 2017 – the fidget spinner!

– Giant fidget spinner shaped cabinet with translucent, RGB LED backlit score values

– RGB LED lighting creates a fantastic light-show that will draw attention in any venue!

– Real fidget spinner controller, mounted to the front of the cabinet

– Get the spinner going at the right RPM to win a posted value; 100% skill!

– Three small, circular HD displays show game information

– Bonus jackpot can be adjusted by the operator – pick from 250 to 1000 tickets

– Coin or card swipe ready; please specify what type of payment acceptance is needed when you order


See how Spinner Frenzy works thanks to this video we shot at IAAPA 2017. Available in 4K high-definition!

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