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Smile 'N' Stick



Photo Stickers Are Back!
Installed Dimensions: H:75″ W:34″ D:50″ Weight: 353lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V (220/230V power available)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Digital Centre



Remember photo stickers? They’re back with the Smile ‘N’ Stick by Digital Centre.

Photo stickers stand out from normal printed photos, since they can stick to any surface that a regular sticker can, but now they can have your face on them! Photo sticker machines used to be quite popular in the 1980’s, and they have stayed popular in regions like Japan, but finding a photo sticker machine in the West has been difficult in recent years.

Digital Centre’s Smile ‘N’ Stick isn’t stuck in the past though – it uses facial recognition technology combined with augmented reality, combining users with digital props that they can see on the screen and interact with for their photo. This properly maps the prop to each user in real-time. This also creates animated gifs that the customer can share on their favorite social media platform! Here’s an example:


The Smile ‘N Stick gives the customers 16 total pre-cut stickers, printed on 2 sets of 6 pre-cut stickers on each play, along with 2 larger stickers.

sticknsmile2ALERT: Digital Centre Photo Booths do NOT ship with a payment acceptor by default. You must purchase this option (ask your sales rep about costs) when ordering. Costs will vary. Please specify when ordering what option you need. Options available: DBA for Cash; Tokens; Credit/debit card reader; Or smartphone payment.

Digital Centre’s Stick ‘N Smile Features:

– Photo stickers return in a format that works in arcades, malls, or any other public venue – no attendant needed!

– Attractive sit-down cabinet with animated RGB LED highlights

– Prints 2 sets of pre-cut stickers, 16 total; Digital versions also available to share

– Easy to use touch button control panel

– 10MP camera for sharp quality photos, better than the competition!

– Share your photos and gifs online

– Secure online transmission to protect personal data.

– Access Digital Centre’s cloud to manage your booth remotely; Customize frames, run ads, capture e-mail addresses.

– Multiple payment methods available:  Pay with Cash, Tokens, Credit/debit card reader or use your smartphone!

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