• Slam 'N' Jam by LAI Games

Slam ‘N’ Jam Ultra


A Visual Basketball Experience
Installed Dimensions: H: 103″, W: 38″, D: 101″ Weight: 816lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: LAI Games

You’ll feel like a superstar in no time with LAI Games‘ Slam ‘N’ Jam Ultra, a modern rendition of their classic hoop shooting game!

The Slam ‘N’ Jam series of arcade basketball games was a mainstay from LAI for many years, also finding itself made in a Jr. model. Following the success of the Hyper Shoot, LAI has brought Slam ‘N’ Jam back, but given it a huge upgrade. The classic basketball gameplay has been enhanced with a protected video backboard above the hoop. This changes up the feel of the game, by making it more exciting and clear what each round of gameplay does. A timer and a score are set for each stage; Players must achieve the required number of points to move up to the next stage (there are a total of 5 stages). A Progress Meter shows your current status using a letter grade, which also ties in to the Bonus Combo meter for extra points. Reach and pass the final stage to land the game high score that everyone else will be shooting for!

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LAI Games’ Slam ‘N’ Jam Ultra Features:

– Resurrection of LAI’s classic Slam ‘N’ Jam arcade basketball machines

– 32″ HD video backboard for game instructions, scoring and dynamic gameplay

– 5 game stages to bring players back for more action

– One or two players per cabinet

– Fantastic LED lightshow

– Steel mesh on both sides to help keep balls in the machine

– Automatic ball holding gate

– Fixed steel hoop w/ chain

– Sleek metal cabinet with tasteful artwork and color schemes

– 5 basketballs included per cabinet

– Simple button controls to choose between single player or versus; Links with one other cabinet

– Standard coin door; Card swipe ready

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