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Skill Fall Revolution



Time Your Press And Win!
Installed Dimensions: H: 83″ W: 30″ D: 37″ Weight: 551lbs
Shipping Dimensions: H: 75″ W: 31″ D: 38″
Electrical: [email protected] / 220V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Sega Amusements



[PLEASE NOTE: These are sold as single units. The image above is to promote the trio of colors]

Looking for a great skill-based merchandizer to heat things up at your venue? Then look no further than Skill Fall Revolution by Sega Amusements.

Designed to operate in any amusement venue, Skill Fall stands out with it’s welcoming colors(available in teal, yellow, or red) and see-through design, which also makes it a fantastic piece for banking. Feature several units of the same color or change it up!

Inside of the machine is a rotating prize pedestal designed to showcase the exciting prizes you want to promote. Give your featured prize(s) prominence by placing them at the top of said pedestal.

While skill-based, this is an intuitive “easy to learn, difficult to master” kind of game that engages players of all ages. Only a single button is needed to play. Once a credit is inserted, participants aim to time their button press to unclip the prize and drop it into the win zone.

Between the secure but easy access front entry, vibrant colors, and an enormous prize storage area, this is a game that appeals to both operators and players alike.

Check out Skill Fall Revolution from IAAPA 2023. This video is available in 4K UHD, as are all of our other videos in recent years; Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss a new product!

Sega Amusements’ Skill Fall Revolution Features

– Skill-based prize merchandizing

– Perfect for candy and other inexpensive yet appealing prizes

– LED backlit marquee and general lighting

– See-through cabinet design

– Available in Yellow, Teal/Blue and Red cabinet colors (bank all 3 together!)

– 64 prize clips

– Ample storage space around the pedestal area as well as on top allows for excellent product showcasing

– Single-button operation and low control panel makes it easy for kids to enjoy too

– Digital music & sounds

– Small footprint makes it easy to place

– Coin or card swipe ready

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