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Sektor Ultimate


Virtual Immersion Without The Wires!
Installed Dimensions: H: 9′ W: 24′ D: 15′
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: Requires 2x 16a 110v circuits or 1x 20a 110v
Warranty: General hardware 7 cloud support: 1 year / VR HMD: 2 years
Manufacturer: SEKTOR VR



Enter a new dimension of Virtual Reality entertainment with SEKTOR VR and their Sektor Ultimate, a cutting edge Location-Based take on amusement VR, with plenty of options to keep people coming back for more. This model takes things a step further from the Sektor Arena, offering multiplayer mayhem for up to six people at once!

SEKTOR is an innovative flagship VR attraction designed with wireless and immersive fun for the whole family. When we say wireless, we mean it – there are no bulky or annoying cables hanging from the ceiling to worry about here.  This design delivers high replay gaming and more revenue per sq. ft. than any other solution.

Each SEKTOR enclosure also comes with a striking 130″ display, that shows demonstration footage when un-used and active gameplay when in-use.

Every SEKTOR setup can be adapted to fit your budget and space requirements, and they come with full turn-key installation. Either setup requires the presence of a single attendant, who will train & assist users who wish to play, while also sanitizing headsets & controllers in-between each use.

Available games cover a variety of styles and tastes. Operators have the luxury of setting the per game price, which you can tailor to the needs and tastes of your area. From testing, SEKTOR has found that most people are comfortable with paying $10 for each game, which lasts about 5-7 minutes long. While some of the games are available on consumer VR devices, SEKTOR is developing their own line of exclusive games to further bolster the appeal.

Current Game Selection (July 2020)

The following games are currently available for SEKTOR VR systems, but note that this can change at any time; They also are working on exclusive games that cannot be found on any other platform (exclusive games are noted with a *)!

Sektor Ultimate Features:

– A wireless virtual reality solution, easily adaptable for location needs

– Typically needs only 360 sq. ft. of space!

– Up to six players can enjoy either competitive or co-operative experiences

– Stylish enclosure structure uses LED lighting to subtly highlight the look by backlighting the pillars

– 130″ video wall for demonstrations and active gameplay presentations

– Fully wireless using HTC Vive Pro headsets

– Headset charging stations

– Premium spectator sound and RGB LED Lighting Package

– Easy-to-use touchscreen interface for selecting games

– Locking storage cabinets included so users can store valuables during play

– Black stanchion barriers for safety

– WiFi connectivity

– Custom floor mats

– Up to 10 games available, with more on the way – one game included with every purchase

– Single attendant needed for smooth system operation

– Pay-per-play can be adapted to a location’s needs, whether that is at your employee counter or a card system like Intercard/EMBED/Sacoa/etc.

Available Options – Please Call For Details & Price

– Custom themed enclosure

– Additional games

– Extended warranty

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