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Rilix Coaster


Enjoy Roller Coaster Fun In Digital Form
Installed Dimensions: 3 models:
Rental: H: 48″ W: 50″ D: 66″ Weight: 143lbs.
Big Coaster: H: 84″ W: 50″ D: 70″ Weight: 275lbs.
Vending/Route: H: 74″ W: 50″ D: 66″ Weight: 231lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please call
Electrical: 115V/230v @ 580 kWh (Rental units are 480 kWh)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Rilix

The Rilix Coaster allows operators to bring a roller coaster experience to their venue without breaking the bank – nor needing to take up acres of space.

Designed for arcade venues on a budget, the Rilix Coaster combines digital coaster experiences with VR, vibration and wind effects. Because there is no motion base, this helps keep the cost below where competitor products come in at. That trio of features allows for exciting immersion across the 30 custom-made coaster events. These scenarios cover all the bases of interests, from fantasy settings, to sci-fi to adventure to terror and more. They are also all exclusive to the Rilix platform, and more can be added in the future.

The Rilix Coaster is available in three different configurations: Rental, Big Coaster Arcade and Vending Machine. Each one is available in 4 colors, uses the Oculus GO VR headset, and they do not require an attendant. For the differences:

  • Rental: This model is perfect for renting out for events. Comes with 30 scenarios, small form factor (48″H x 50″W x 66″D,  143lbs, no back marquee), 480 kWh power consumption, free online support, easy to break down for transport, which includes wheels on the base.
  • Big Coaster Arcade: Made for arcade locations. Comes with 10 scenarios (more available at an additional cost), versatile payment system support, backboard marquee with mounted LCD to show in-game action, larger form factor than the Rental model (84″H x 50″W x 70″D, 275lbs.) and higher power consumption (580 kWh)
  • Route Model: Essentially the same package as the Big Coaster Arcade, but intended for route operations. The back marquee comes with a slightly smaller TV (Dimensions: 74″H x 50″ W x 66″D, 231lbs.; same power consumption) and it comes with a dollar bill acceptor so it can go into any route where you still take cash.  This model is shown in the video below.

Rilix’s Rilix Coaster Features:

– A unique, immersive experience designed for the arcade, rental or route operator

– Available in three models to best suit the needs of the buyer

– 30 exclusive roller coaster scenarios available; What comes with the machine depends on the model

– 1-2 players; Uses the Meta Oculus Go VR headset

– Safety hand bars

– Vibration seat; No moving parts means less maintenance and less cost!

– Wind blower to further immerse players

– Big Coaster Arcade & Vending Machine models come with a back marquee & TV set. Rental units can connect a TV mounted to a wall if desired

– Remote management software

– Versatile payment options (coin, dollar bill, or card swipe)

–  Rilix units have been installed all over the world, including the United States

– 1 year warranty on the hardware; lifetime software

Additional Options – Please Call For Price

– Extra roller coaster scenarios

– Operations Packages (Differs by model)

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