• Prize Pod Instant Prize Redemption Game by Andamiro

Prize POD


Compact Prize Merchandiser Machine
Installed Dimensions: H: 82.2″ W: 28.8″ D: 36.6 Weight: 474 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 77″ x 31″ x 34″ Weight: 570 lbs.
Electrical: 110V @ 1 ~ 1.5A, 150W
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Andamiro


The Prize POD offers an instant prize redemption package that easily fits into more locations.

The game that the user plays is easy to figure out and fun to play. After a credit is inserted, move the rod device inside of the machine left or right to line it up with the prize pod above that you want to go for. Then push and hold the button down and the rod will slowly move up. Release the button for the rod to attempt to go through the hole. If it does, the prize is pushed out of the pod, through the back and down into the Prize Out bin. If the rod misses the hole by touching any of the plastic, you have to try again.

Check out the standard Prize POD in action

There is also a 100% Skill based version that you can find here.

Andamiro’s Prize POD Features:

– Instant prize redemption game that holds up to 16 prizes

– Place electronics, plush, toys, etc

– Easy to use joystick + one button control

– Anti Theft Protection for Each Prize Bin!

– Slim design allows the unit to fit into more locations

– Bright design and lighting to showcase your products

– Various operator adjustments available

– Smart Monitor System option is available on request (additional cost, please call)


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