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Prize Locker


A Merchandising Powerhouse Available As A Skill Machine!
Installed Dimensions: H: 73″ W: 38″ D: 39″ Weight: 485 lbs.
Shipped Dimensions: H: 87″ W: 42″ D: 44″ Weight: 661 lbs.
Electrical: 110V (220V operation available)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Sega Amusements


Financing Available Through A Primetime Amusements Financing Partner

Have you been unable to operate the popular Key Master in your area due to state or local laws & regulations? Then Sega has the solution for you with the Prize Locker, a 100% skill-based version of the Key Master phenomenon.

The Prize Locker takes advantage of the Key Master’s popularity, while challenging players through three levels of skill as they attempt to get the key into the slot of their desired prize. Prize Locker is easy to play.  A user inserts their credit into the machine, then takes control of the mechanical key by using three buttons.

The first button is labeled “Move” and while held down, moves your key over to the right. Once in the position you desire, then push and hold the blue “Up” button for the key to move up to the desired level. Once let go, you push and hold the green “In” button to make the key move towards the keyhole.

If the key goes through the hole, the prize is pulled down and you win! If not – just try again.

For locations that have an existing Key Master machine, conversion kits are available.

Sega Amusements’ Prize Locker Features:

– Turns one of the most popular instant prize games on the market into a 100% skill-based machine

– Easy to play with three button controls (Move/Up/In)

– Tempered glass front with an all steel cabinet

– Anti-theft security feature locks the prize door in the event that an incorrect vend occurs (such as someone shaking the machine to knock a prize loose)

– Three (3) different prize zones with operator adjustable difficulty settings

– Default configuration features fifteen (15) prize slots (slots can be removed to allow for larger prizes)

– Insert the prizes you like or ask about Sega’s Tokio prize packages that were specially developed for Sega’s redemption games.

– Fluorescent lighting keeps the product looking great

– Make your game stand out by offering Sega’s licensed prizes! This includes BarbieBob The BuilderHello KittySonic The HedgehogThomas & Friends, and Tokio Electronics. Ask about including one of these packages with your purchase!

– High security door with a looping lock hole

– Dual Coin (coin comparitor); Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA) or card swipe ready

– Available as a conversion kit for existing Key Master Classic games.

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