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PrimeTime Hand Sanitizer Stations



Helping You Keep Clean & Safe In High-Touch Environments
Installed Dimensions: H: 50″ W: 10″ D: 10″ Weight: 50 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Wik / PrimeTime Amusements



Providing cleanliness solutions in an entertainment venue is paramount in the age of pandemics, whether or not the location is constantly manned. In an effort to help you achieve those solutions, check out the PrimeTime Hand Sanitizer Station.

Lone bottles of sanitizer can easily be stolen or over-used, the user also has to put their hand on the pump nozzle. PrimeTime Hand Sanitizer Stations are automated, using a sensor to detect hand movement to dispense a pre-determined amount of sanitizer onto the user’s hand. They also include a glove dispenser, so that customers can add that extra layer of personal protection if they so desire.

One of the best aspects to our stations is the price! While there are various solutions out there, we have made sure to find the best quality, look and price. These stations come in well below the other stations that are currently on the market.

Check out our stations from this brief video.

PrimeTime Hand Sanitizer Station Features:

– Perfect for unmanned locations such as street routes, restaurants; But equally excellent for manned places

– Battery powered; It does come with it’s own battery. Typical lifespan is 2-3 months (heavy use)

– Compact footprint allows this to find a place even in cramped game rooms

– Sharp look with an all-metal cabinet

– Pictographs show how to use and are easy for anyone to understand

– Sensors detect hand movement to provide for a touch-free disinfection experience

– Amount dispensed is pre-set; Operators can adjust the amount by using a potentiometer within the machine

– 5 liter capacity (1.14 gallons). Only compatible liquid sanitizer; No sanitizer is included with purchase.

– Can be secured to the floor using the pre-drilled holes in the base

– Standard settings allow 5000 applications per tank

– Internal components are kept behind locked panels

– Hanger built into the side allows you to also dispense plastic or latex gloves

– Built-in trash bin that can be easily emptied

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