• Plinko redemption arcade game by Coastal Amusements



Come On Down And Win That Mega Bonus!
Installed Dimensions: H: 124″ W: 65″ D: 48″ Weight: 645lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Ships in two pieces:
Palette #1: H: 75″ W: 44″ D: 24″
Palette #2: H: 25″ W: 53″ D: 30″
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Coastal Amusements

You’ve seen it on TV, and maybe you’ve been lucky enough to “come on down” and be one of those who gets to play Plinko on The Price Is Right TV show, but now arcades everywhere can feature an official Plinko game on-site thanks to Coastal Amusements!

Following a similar pattern to the TV version, Plinko challenges players to drop chips down a field of large pins, aiming for targets at the bottom. Made for arcade use, the designers have taken some liberties to focus the gameplay for arcade use, keeping the same spirit intact. The letters M-E-G-A-B-O-N-U-S are setup at the bottom, with lit letters staying lit through used credits. Beneath those letters are number values, which indicate how many tickets you win for the play. Whoever lights up all nine letters however unlocks the bonus and wins the posted number of tickets (as shown on the topper marquee)!

See how Plinko works from its debut at IAAPA Expo 2019. Video available in 4K UHD; subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up-to-date with the latest product videos!

After crediting up, control the action using the giant LED-lit chip. The machine will push one of the chips onto the “Come On Down!” ramp,  the player must push the chip down at the right time to open up the ramp. The chip will then fall into the pinfield below. Hit the Multi-Chips target, and get more than one chip to improve your winnings!

Coastal Amusements’ PLINKO Features:

– Official & licensed The Price Is Right game with a world renowned name

– The striking & colorful giant cabinet will call attention in any venue

– Intuitive and simple gameplay that people of all ages can enjoy

– Hundreds of RGB LEDs make for a fantastic lightshow through the cabinet

– Simple control – just push the giant chip down when you want to open the ramp

– Comes with plenty of large Price Is Right branded chips that are reloaded into the game

– 9 different target slots, each with a different ticket value

– Multichips and MegaBonus features amp up the excitement and replay value

– Large LED topper panel shows the current MegaBonus value

– Comes with a standard physical ticket dispenser; e-Tickets compatible

– Standard coin acceptor included; card swipe ready

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