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My Little Pets


Win Cute Little Plush Or Toy Pets!
Installed Dimensions: H:64″ W:24″ D:27″ Weight: 167 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H:71″ W:28″ D:32″ Weight: 218 lbs.
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Smart Industries



Following a similar pattern to the My Little Ducks crane, the My Little Pets by Smart Industries allows you to expand your crane offerings with any number of small, collectible animal toys!

The unit sports a cute and vibrant ‘pets’ theme that will instantly convey what the machine is all about to any passing customer. It also comes with features that are now standard for Smart cranes including an LCD display in the control panel (instead of numerical LED counters), redesigned electronics and LED lighting. It features a 3 finger scoop claw and is available in white. This is a perfect machine to combine with My Little Ducks or any small cranes you have on location!

Smart Industries’ My Little Pets Crane Features:

– Smart’s first “pets” themed crane

– Winner Every Time play!

– LED lighting both internally and on the corners (adjust color & speed of corner lights to your liking)

– Credit & settings information shown on an LCD display built into the control panel

– Simple joystick/button controls with attractive back-lit multi-color joystick

– 3 finger scoop claw assembly (2 finger scoop or small claw also available)

– Prize Hole: 5.5″ x 8″

– Anti-tip metal lip is attached to the front of the crane

– Easy front access and operator options now shown on the LCD instead of through DIP switches

– Ships with a single US quarter mech; card swipe ready

– California legal; Play Til You Win option on/off

– Tempered safety glass; 18-gauge steel construction; steel security padlock tabs

– Available in white; call about different colors

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– 2 finger scoop or small claw assembly
– Custom artwork
– Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA)
– Dual coin mechs (NOTE: DBA not available if dual coin mechs are selected)
– 220V power
– US/Canadian DBA w/ 400 Stacker CoinCo
– Looney/Twoney Coin Mech

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