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MotoGP Gets An Upgrade!
Installed Dimensions: H: 96″, W: 43″, D: 83″ Weight: TBA
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V @ 6A
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Play Mechanix / Raw Thrills





Immerse yourself into the race like never before with a major new upgrade to Play Mechanix’s motorcycle racing game, MotoGP VR Now you can with this official licensed MotoGP ™ motorcycle simulator arcade game with authentic “MotoGP-style” motorcycle mounts!

MotoGP was the first racing game effort by arcade development powerhouse Play Mechanix (Big Buck Hunter, Aliens Armageddon, Terminator Salvation, etc.) after years of light-gun and redemption game creation. Now, they are taking all of their expertise and releasing an upgraded version of the game with a VR headset. Working with Raw Thrills, this joins the likes of King Kong Of Skull Island as recent Raw Thrills virtual reality games.

MotoGP VR builds on the original’s focus of simulator style racing but puts the player into the race with the HP Reverb G2 headsets. Authentic MotoGP racing courses have been carefully recreated (and updated from the original; Along with the racing rosters) for this game and the whole experience is further enhanced by the bike controllers that the player swivels on to hug those many turns.

Not a fan of VR or get sick playing it? That’s all right, you can deactivate it with the top button at the front of the bike, then race it like a normal arcade game, using the 42″ HD monitor.

Check out MotoGP from our hands-on look at IAAPA 2015; Stay tuned for our video of the new MotoGP VR as filmed at IAAPA 2022!


The game also still supports a front-mounted fan to produce realistic wind effects; free online play against other players in locations across the world and the ability to link up to eight (8) units locally. If your customers are into racing, you can’t go wrong with MotoGP!

Raw Thrills’ MotoGP VR Features

– Exclusive to arcades – software not available on any home console or mobile device

– Officially licensed MotoGP™ game product

– Closed circuit racing across ten (10) faithfully recreated MotoGP courses from around the world, each updated with current changes.

– Choose from 12 new bikes and superstar riders, based on the current MotoGP roster

– Immersive action thanks to the HP Reverb G2 headsets; Each is mounted to the cabinet with a retractable cable

– Play with or without the VR at the touch of a button

– Authentic MotoGP bike swivel controller with realistic handlebar and LED lighting inside the wheel

– Three difficulty settings allows players to race at their ability level – Novice, Normal and Pro. Pro is the most challenging but offers realistic play!

– 42″ HD screen displays the gorgeous, photorealistic graphics

– Built-in Keypad allows players to create a local/online player profile

– Free online connectivity allows for players to compete in real-time against each other from different locations; also includes stat tracking

– Link up to eight (8) units for multiplayer matches

– Four (4) different cabinet colors available – Red, Blue, Green & Yellow! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE RAW THRILLS COLOR POLICY (JPG)

– Ships with a standard coin door, including coin mechanisms; Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA) or card swipe ready. Please call for pricing!

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