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Magnum Nero


Let The Kids Go “Off-Road” In This High Quality Kiddie Ride
Installed Dimensions: H: 60″ W: 59″ D: 94″ Weight: 408 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please call
Electrical: 120V @ 330W; (220V also available)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Falgas



The Magnum Nero kiddie ride by Falgas is a new off-road buggy style kiddie ride that seats 1-2 riders.

Using Falgas’ legendary quality, the Magnum Nero is built out of a high quality fiberglass shell on an all stainless steel frame. The ride features dynamic lighting and sounds that mimic the real thing as the children ride. The ride itself gently sways back and forth for the duration of the ride, the children being able to pretend that they are driving thanks to the attached steering wheels and interactive sound buttons. Benefit from having a new ride in one of your locations today!

Falgas’ Magnum Nero Kiddie Ride Features:

– Seats 1-2 riders

– Two available movement speeds

– Attached steering wheels and sound activation buttons appeal to kids and their imaginations

– LED lights add appeal during attract mode or the ride

– Available in two color schemes (green/black or orange/black). Please specify at the time of order

– Adjust duration of the ride, speed setting, sound volume & price

– Ships with a single slot coin mechanism, please specify what type of payment acceptance you need

NOTE: Some Falgas product may not be available in stock for the USA. If stock is only available from Europe, please allow additional time for shipping as well as probably customs charges upon arrival. Do not worry about the process however, we arehere to help make it as headache-free as possible!

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