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IX Pod Interactive Kiddie Ride


A Playable Kiddie Ride With A Race Car Theme
Installed Dimensions: CALL
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Jennison Entertainment Technologies



Racing fun for little kids is here with the IX Pod by Jennison Games.

On it’s face, this appears to be a standard kiddie ride with a car theme, but inside there’s more to it, with an interactive video game sporting 4 race tracks. The ride still features the signature gentle wave motion, but uses the video game to boost the appeal replay value as kids will want to come back and explore the other tracks.

Jennsion Entertainment Technologies’ IX Pod Kiddie Ride Features

– More than a kiddie ride, it’s also a video game!

– Shaped as a futuristic car

– Durable gelcoat shell, finished with a high-gloss paint (various colors available)

– Seating for 1-2 riders (ages 3-7 recommended)

– 22″ HD monitor for displaying the graphics

– Two steering wheels to interact with

– Game music & sounds are played through the stereo sound system

– Compatible with coin, dollar bill, card swipe and contactless payment acceptance methods. Please specify what you need when ordering!

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