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Ice Cube Chocolate Crane


Vend Chocolates In This Literally Cool Machine
Installed Dimensions: H: 78″ W” 28″ D: 28″
Shipping Dimensions: Please call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: S&B Toy Company / St. Louis Game Company



Chocolate is more popular than ever but most crane machines are incapable of offering such delicious candies to the public since they’ll melt inside. Enter in St. Louis Crane Co.’s Ice Cube Chocolate crane machine!

As with any crane/claw machine, the objective of the game is the same here as with any other product in this category – insert money, then navigate the claw to attempt to grab the item below. Where the Ice Cube differs is in providing a refrigerated chamber to keep the candy inside cool and thus solid. This way you can offer any type of pre-packaged candy that needs to keep cool.

S&B Toy’s Ice Cube Chocolate Crane Features:

– 28″ wide – great size that isn’t too small to be noticed while not taking up too much space

– Polished aluminum frame

– Refrigerated chamber to keep products from melting

– Attractive glass front with four sided LED lighting

– Standard joystick/button control

– LCD display built into the control panel for game info

– Hand-held keyboard controller is provided for operators to be able to easily make adjustments to the game.

– Ships with a standard coin mechanism; ask about adding a DBA

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